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Seema Malhotra has called for reassurances over Carillion’s liquidation

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Seema Malhotra, Member of Parliament for Feltham and Heston, said:

“The situation of Carillion is startling and hugely concerning. I have asked for clarification and reassurances from the Government to ensure protection for the worker’s at Carillion who are affected by local authority contracts, such as those in Hounslow. As well as a firm commitment to protect public services and supplies, extending to local authority contracts and, indeed, to services such as prisons, including Feltham young offenders institution.

“This could be a watershed moment for this government and the role of private business in the public sphere. It certainly raises very serious questions of this government’s judgment, given that it awarded £2bn worth of contracts even though Carillion had started issuing profit warnings. It also raises a wider question in that of the way in which we outsource public contracts which are costing the taxpayer billions of pounds.

“I will continue to make sure the Government does not leave workers and public services in the lurch while working closely with Hounslow Council to enable that there is no disruption or additional cost to my constituents.”