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Woman gets hit by a car twice, survives miraculously

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GBnews24 desk || Reading news of accidents and death might challenge your belief in miracles, but they do happen. If you are already raising your eyebrows reading this then you ought to watch this CCTV footage, in which a woman survived without sustaining major injuries even after she was struck by a car twice, says the Indian Express.

A video shared by CGTN, a cable channel, on Twitter shows how a woman, identified as Ms Nan was hit by a car as she was crossing the street during the morning rush hour. Although the driver immediately rushed out and helped her, she was hit again the moment they took her out from under the car since the driver had not pulled the handbrakes and his grandchild accidentally started the car again.

In spite of all this, she survived without being fatally injured. The incident, that took place in China’s Lianyungang city, can be viewed as an extreme case of bad luck. But the fact that she survived, in spite of what happened, is nothing short of a miracle.